Problems in contemporary physics
Basic Assumption in Physics
Logical Physical Theory
Hypothesis on MATTER
Unstructured matter
Ideal universal medium
Universal medium
Homogeneity & Anisotropy of U.Medium
Logic of 'push gravity'
Mechanism of motion
Work, Motion and Energy
Matter and Mass
Hierarchy of matter-particles
Nature of light
Linear speed of light
Motion in circular path
Bucket experiment revisited
'Central force'
Shape of orbital path
Planetary orbits
Planetary spin
Planetary magnetism
Direction of Tides
Galactic cloud
Radius of stable galaxy
Black hole
Galactic Repulsion
Galactic rotation anomaly
Heat and Weight
Brownian movements
Mpemba effect
Three-body problem - a deception
Relevance of digital physics
Nature of Time
Flyby anomaly
Pioneer anomaly
Stellar Aberration
CMB Radiation
Coronal heating problem
Flattening of Earth's poles
Electric charge